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5 Hamstring Exercises You Should Definitely Be Doing

best hamstring exercise

When I first started lifting regularly, I can recall waking up saying: “damn…leg day already?!” I hated lifting legs with a passion. Take a look around you’re gym and you’ll see a lot of other leg haters as well. You know… Jacked upper body, no legs.  Yeah, that’s the guy.  He currently hates legs just […]

Phosphatidylserine: The Phytonutrient You Didn’t Know You Neeeded

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When you think “supplements”, you probably don’t immediately think of Phosphatidylserine.   Something like Fish Oil or Creatine probably comes to mind instead.  After all, each of those supplements has literally hundreds of studies backing their use. If you want to learn about those types of supplements, there are about a million other blogs where you […]